Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jan 3, 2024 ( - Fragrance World Perfumes, a notable fragrance export enterprise founded in 1988 in Deira, UAE, during the nation's formative years, is the brainchild of Mr. Poland Moosa Haji. Today, Fragrance World stands as a global powerhouse, spreading its exceptional fragrances to over 125 countries across six continents.

From the UAE to international markets, Fragrance World has established itself with stores in various countries, including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kuwait, Qatar, the USA, the UK, Indonesia, and Chile. Born in 1957 into a modest family in Kerala, Mr. Moosa's life story reflects unwavering determination. Starting as a pioneer at the age of nine, he left home to work in a small Indian town, gaining diverse experiencesfrom herding cattle to mastering trades in a wholesale footwear store, shaping the roots of his entrepreneurial journey.

"From the bustling streets of Deira to the global stage, Fragrance World represents not just a brand, but a journey of resilience and passion. We started at a time when Dubai was still finding its identity and through dedication and innovation, we have grown into a symbol of excellence," says Mr. Poland Moosa Haji, Founder of Fragrance World.

Over the years, Mr. Moosa strategically shifted his focus solely to the export of perfumes and introduced an exclusive line under the name 'Fragrance World' in 2005, followed by the premium line, 'French Avenue,' in 2012.

Expanding into new territories like Australia, Belgium, Canada and beyond, Fragrance World has witnessed rapid growth, boasting a remarkable 50% year-on-year increase in Western countries. Notable growth percentages include 46% in North America, 71% in South America and 32% in Europe in 2023.

In 2022, Fragrance World achieved a milestone, recording AED 300 million in exports, with a projected AED 375 million in 2023a solid 25% growth. Catering to thousands of unique customers across 125+ countries, Fragrance World thrives, with 48% of business from Africa and 31% from Asia.

Fragrance World's diverse portfolio of approximately 1000+ SKUs and 50+ collections cater to a wide audience. French Avenue, a luxury brand inspired by Paris, offers around 90 SKUs, while Athoor Al Alam combines Arabic and French fragrances with approximately 60 SKUs.

The legacy of Fragrance World is deeply rooted in Mr. Moosa's enterprising spirit, exemplifying resilience, creativity and dedicationthe core values of Fragrance World. The Founder's Spirit drives the organization, inspiring a strong sense of purpose and identity.

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The dynamic leadership team, comprising Joint CEOs Mr. Abdul Salam and Mr. Safeer Moidu, alongside COO & CFO Mr. Labeeb Kuttiamu, passionately contributes to the brand's continued success and innovation.

As Fragrance World continues its remarkable journey, the brand remains steadfast in delivering premium fragrances worldwide. With a focus on quality, innovation and accessibility, Fragrance World aspires to be the global destination for fragrance enthusiasts, a beacon of excellence in the fragrance industry.

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