New York City, New York Sep 20, 2023 ( - The New York Fashion Week has always been the pinnacle of fashion. This year the fashion week started on 7th September. To mark this auspicious occasion, September 9th witnessed a brand magic happening most fashionably. The trendy eyewear brand Kleechi has partnered with Redbull for the New York Fashion Week 2023. Both brands struck a partnership and hosted an event. The pop-up event soon became a gallery experience for brands, artists, and creative designers which got new exposure. This incredible event not only highlighted Kleechi but also other artists and designers who participated in this. The incredible evening was farsighted and envisioned by Kleechi's Founder and CEO Kadayalee Washington and curated by executive producer & creative director, Monique Jones.

The remarkable event was held at Brooklyn''s newest hotspot Indigo Restaurant & Lounge located downtown. The entire popup was fueled by creativity, innovation, and energy, which is the perfect showcase of the partnership between the two brands which highlights Redbull's energy and Kleechi's creative and artistic vision. Kleechi will continue to partner with big and high-value brands to create more memorable events and experiences through eyewear & fashion. The brand strongly believes in making it all possible when it is visioned clearly with strategized action. Get to know more about the brand at:

Kleechis most popular colorway from their creative archetype designRed Bulls newest flavor paired in a tropical photo with Kleechis Arcadia design Afterparty where Redbull met iconic moments Indigo Restaurant  Lounge

Source :Monique Jones

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